Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Recycle your old paint!


Anyone who aspires to be truly green will want to extend this to their home, and so when the time comes to redecorate there are lots of ways that you can make environmentally friendly choices for your decorating.

 Get out all your leftover paints and look at them to see what your possibilities are, e.g - Blue and Red make purple! Add colour drop by drop, stirring well after each addition and alternating if you're adding more than one. Dab your paint onto paper or another surface to test, then paint one wall with your new colour and make it the focal point.

Most of the eco-friendly paints on the market are water-soluble and use plant oils such as linseed oil and plant resins to form the paint solution. The pigmentation comes from minerals or plant dyes. Some eco-friendly paints are supplied as powders, which you dilute yourself. This reduces the weight and size of the paint, so the environmental damage from transporting the paint is lessened, and large metal or plastic containers don’t have to be manufactured to hold the paint on its journey from the factory to your home. 

Many of us find we have half a pot of paint sitting in our shed or garage that we no longer need or can’t even remember why we bought it! If you want to donate your paint to a good cause, Community RePaint collects reusable domestic paint in reasonable condition for redistribution to community and voluntary groups, charities and individuals in social need. Visit their website to find the nearest collection point to you.  http://tiny.cc/1rcjd

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