Friday, 24 September 2010

Is it Black & White?

In the age when coloured photography is on its peak and required in day to day of your life yet black and white photography did not loses its shine and still demanded by most of the photographers and photo lovers. There could be significant reasons behind it because black and white photography is that kind of photography which could portray emotions and the mood quite well. This type of photographic atmosphere could not create by the colour photographs. Black and white photography is much more interesting because as they focus much more on the subject by the help of shadows and lights.

Another most important thing for black and white photograph is the selection of the subject because in case of colour photograph you may not need to do so. A photograph which looks good in colour photograph can look dull in the black and white photograph. As black and white photograph is the simplest forms of photograph and also at the same time complex as the image must be clean and fresh so that it must leave a great impact on the heart of the viewer. Most important this type of images captures the impression and emotions in nostalgic as well as in the dramatic way.

The 3 great elements:
Lights colour and shadow this are the most important elements in black and white photograph. By the help of lights and shadow you could change the whole appearance and the meaning of a photograph and also the impact of the image in the mind of the viewer. Now why colour? Yes colour is highly important because choosing the right subject solely depend upon the fewer colour of the subject. More the colour more it would be difficult to choose the right subject.

In true sense black and white photography is eternal. Many of the black and white photographs which are made by the famous photographers still knock our heart. So choose the proper subject before go for black and white photographs.

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